Mixed Media
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Alexandra is a Houston-based visual artist who reveals her environment through mixed media printing methods.
Exhibit this Month:

Spring Biannual, Winter Street Studios #16, Saturday, April 22, 5pm-10pm.

Rockin' Rollin' Printmatters, St Arnolds Brewing Company, Sunday, April 23, 10am-4pm​​. 

My ​Latest Project:​

​I want memories... Our collective memory...

​This project is about memories and loss, about Alzheimer's, dementia
​and all that is lost when we are touched by disease.

​I am looking for photos; your images, like your first house, your friends,
​young love, your little pet or big one, your favorite grandparent
​or your nicest holiday are part of our collective memory. these memories
​are stored in us and make us who we are... 

​I am still 14,000 pictures short and count on your beautiful memories to
​re-create our collective tale! 

please send your photos to

​Thank you...


You can see Alexandra's work in Houston at Winter Street Studios, Studio #16 (2nd floor), 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007.

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