Representing the places where I live is a personal search for a feeling of belonging. Uprooted by the age of 20, I always needed to feel accepted and established even for a short time. My art represents my journey through the world and the quest to know who I am and where I belong.

My multi-cultural background, my passion for architecture, my sensitivity for texts and poetry, have always nourished my work and made it unique.

I long for freshness and spontaneity and printmaking allows me to develop these aspects; to discover what the print uncovered under the felt of the press bed brings me immense joy. I want to give the viewer the sense of looking at things as if for the first time.

I like challenges and layers in my work. I like adding deeper layers involving the viewer. To accomplish this, I have introduced an interactive tool called "augmented reality" which I attach to my work. It provides a virtual perspective. People may view this deeper layering in the artwork by using an app on their phone or tablet device.


ALEXANDRA SIVOV, Mixed Media Printing Methods


Alexandra Sivov is a printmaker and mixed media artist who uses a variety of techniques to illustrate her environment, its inhabitants and her passions.

Alexandra was born in France and studied in Poitiers and Bordeaux graduating with a Master’s in art history. Along with her graduate degree, she spent three years at the Beaux Arts School in Poitiers where she studied oil painting and sculpture. During the next stage of her career, she traveled, lived overseas and became a primary school teacher in England. Her next stop was Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, where she taught art at the International School. She also gave art classes to disadvantaged children as a way to help them develop other forms of expression. With her assistance and by selling their own art, these children raised money to renovate the place where they lived. Equally important, the process encouraged them to take greater pride in themselves and their work.

Upon arriving in Houston, she focused on becoming a full time artist. She went back and forth from Houston to London  for a few years and finally established a permanent working space at Make Space Studios in London. Sivov has presented her work in Houston, Texas at City Hall, the Johnson Space Center, William Tower Gallery, Back Lot Gallery and the Silos of Sawyer Yard among other venues. Her work has been exhibited in London, England at Espacio Gallery, The Menier Gallery and Strand Gallery.


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Three Journeys: Betsy Evans, Cary Reeder and Alexandra Sivov, Gallery 200, Silo on Sawyer, Houston, TX

Assistance League Celebrate Texas 2018, William Tower Gallery, Houston TX

Woman Of Winter Street Studios Exhibition, Winter Street Studios Gallery, Houston TX


Impression 2017- Print Houston 2017, Art Gallery, HCC West Loop Campus, Houston TX

Superstructures- Print Houston 2017, Glassell Studio School, Houston TX, Curator: Alexandra Squier
Steamrolled VII Exhibition, William Tower Gallery, Houston TX

Spring Biannual, Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX; Pre-Party & Silent Auction of one-of-a-kind bird houses benefitting Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

2017: A Print Odyssey!, Rockin’ Rollin’ Prints 2017, PrintMatters Houston, William Tower Gallery, Houston, TX

France, In the Eye of the Beholder, The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX; Curators: Xavia Karner and Hélène Schlumberger


The Londoner’s Compass, Art Exhibition by Focus LDN, The Strand Gallery, London, UK

The Art of Regeneration, Gallery Menier, London, UK


The Maverick Expo, The Barge House, London, UK

Bi-Annual Event, Serrano Gallery, Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX

Print Fair, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

Pintar Rapido, Chelsea Town Hall, London, UK


Traces of Places, m ARCHITECTS, Houston, TX: solo

Art Crawl, m ARCHITECTS, Houston, TX

32nd VAA Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston, TX; Denis Nance, Juror

Summer Series, Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX

Juried Invitational Exhibition, Visual Arts Alliance, Longnecker Gallery, Houston TX, Nicole Longnecker, Juror

The Women's Fund for Health, Education and Research Exhibition, Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX


Art Crawl, Hardy and Nance Street Studios, Houston, TX

Art on the Avenue 2013, Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

The Art of Space and Science, Johnson Space Center, NASA, Houston, TX

Structures and Paradoxes, m ARCHITECTS, Houston, TX: solo

Summerview 4 Exhibition, Phoenix Tower, Houston, TX

Exhibition of Prints, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston-Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX

Juried Invitational Exhibition, Visual Arts Alliance, 1600 Smith, Houston, TX, Patrick Palmer, Juror


Art on the Avenue 2012, Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

Art Crawl, Hardy and Nance Street Studios, Houston, TX

Summerview 3 Exhibition, Phoenix Tower, Houston, TX

The Reality to Abstraction Exhibition, Doshi House, Houston, TX

Houston-Art Central 2012, Artists Alive and Well, City Hall, Houston, TX

Environment, Selections from The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston-Glassell School Painting Department, Tradition Bank, Houston, TX


L’église Sainte-Eulalie de Champniers, Charente (Patrimoine de l’Angoumois), (Alexandra Pasquier ep. Sivov), 1995


2011-2014 Museum of Fine Art, Houston Glassell School of Art, Painting and Printmaking
2001 Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK, Post Graduate in Education
1995 Michel De Montaigne University, Bordeaux III, DEA Communication in Arts, Bordeaux, FR
1994 Michel De Montaigne University, Bordeaux III, Master Art History, Bordeaux, FR
1993 Michele De Montaigne University, Bordeaux III, License Art History, Bordeaux, FR




Studio #6 

Make Space Studios, London