"Often, I find myself culturally and linguistically different, getting messages across is not easy. Being understood is an every day challenge. Reading newspapers I realized that many conflicts are due to misunderstandings and miscommunication, which gave me the idea to take the photographs of newspapers as a starting point to my work.


My practice is lead by a complicated process. I choose the newspaper’s photos and interpret their most striking parts into abstract shapes. I then transfer these images to a small wood block that I carve and print. I take pictures of those prints and make a composition on the computer by overlapping two prints and playing with transparencies. I finally project my image onto a huge piece of paper that I paint in monochromatic greys, often putting up to 7 layers of one hue to have the result desired.  

Like messages are often transformed by their recipients but kept some traces of their history, my final paintings give the illusion of large-scale abstract prints, proof of the process that it endured. 


My work evidences the influence of artists process lead like Kara Walker, Paul Morrison and Peter MacDonald."

Alexandra was born in France and studied in Poitiers and Bordeaux graduating with a Master’s in art history. Along with her graduate degree, she spent three years at the Beaux Arts School in Poitiers where she studied oil painting and sculpture. During the next stage of her career, she traveled, lived overseas and became a primary school teacher in England. Her next stop was Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, where she taught art at the International School. She also gave art classes to disadvantaged children as a way to help them develop other forms of expression. With her assistance and by selling their own art, these children raised money to renovate the place where they lived.  Equally important, the process encouraged them to take greater pride in themselves and their work. 

Upon arriving in Houston, she focused on becoming a full time artist. When she returned to London, she established a permanent working space at Make Space Studios. Sivov has presented her work in Houston, Texas at City Hall, the Johnson Space Center and the Williams Tower among other venues. Her work has been exhibited in London, England at Espacio Gallery, The Menier Gallery and Strand Gallery. 

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