Artist statement


Influenced by political art and the media, I translate the world I experience via contemporary news outlets into large scale paintings. Knowing that words and images have different connotations for each of us, it is very easy for news information and reportage to be misunderstood. My works aim to reflect on this situation; taking different images from a range of sources, I translate and combine these in order to understand their actual significance or reflect on their deeper meanings.


My practice involves a complex process. I translate elements of the selected photographs that I find the most striking into simpler shapes. I then transfer these images to small wood blocks that I carve and then print. I take photographs of these prints and manipulate them on a computer in order to arrive at a new composition.  Finally, I project these images onto very large sheets of paper or canvas that I then paint. 


My finished paintings resemble large-scale prints. My intention is that they suggest visual messages that have been transformed by their recipients whilst retaining some traces of their history, evidence of the process of transformation that they have endured.  


My practice reflects my interest in the works of a number of artists, including Kara Walker, Sigmar Polke and William Kentridge in terms of their political engagement and their working methods. 



Born in France I studied in Poitiers and Bordeaux, graduating with a Masters in Art History. I left France when I was 22 years old and have travelled ever since. My first stop was in England where I became a teacher, then I moved to Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, where I taught art at the International School. I headed next to the United States where I became a full-time artist. 

When I returned to the UK, I established a permanent working place at Make Space Studios, London and pursued a dream of attending the MA course in fine art at City and Guilds Art School in London.

Being away from my home country I always needed to keep myself informed of the current affairs so the media played a very important role in my daily life.  Some social and political issues like migration and inequality for example, have a significant impact on my life so being informed at all times was key. Knowing what is happening in the world keeps me rooted but has also made me become very critical about how major issues are handled by governments and political organisations. I aim to address these issues and concerns in my work. 

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