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The Portraits...

My work is a visual response to what I read in the newspaper and mass media. Intrigued by a news article (, discussing how AI created portrait to be more trustworthy than real human beings’ photographs, I began creating portraits from real and AI-generated pictures, aiming to discern any differences in my creative process between real and synthetic subjects. To simulate the diverse array of information processed by AI in its creative endeavors, I employ a technique of mixing various elements from previously crafted portraits. This approach imbues the portraits with a timeless and genderless quality, bordering on the surreal.


I adopted the etching technique to highlight the human hands' presence. 

I am available for any commission, so if you want your loved ones' portraits, please do not hesitate to contact me at, starting price at 100 pounds. 

A Trustworthy Friend, Portrait
My Dear Leo, Portrait
A little Girl, Portrait
An AI Invention, Portrait
A good Friend, Portrait
A Friend, Portrait
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