"Listen To Me" is a work about missinformation and how we navigate to find the information we need to be in control of our thoughts...
Listen To Me

The Cube Project

The cube project is an installation composed of 81 cubes suspended from the ceiling. Each cube is at a different height  and depth in a cubic space. My intention, like for the sculpture above, "Listen to Me", is to show how information is perceived, cut, difficult to read. the public need to make an effort to see it, like for the news outlets, we have to seek for the info or we will end up with only a partial view of it all! 

The cubes are 20 x 20 cm each and should be around 200 cm x 200 x 200 cm once all assembled...

Cube A1-02.jpg
Cube A1-04.jpg
Cube 01-05.jpg